With FabaTex®60, a textured fababean protein with a content of 60% protein, Multiflour and MPF focus on innovations in the sustainable plant ingredient market.

FabaTex®60 is ideally suitable as a protein source for meat substitutes and is an adequate alternative for soy. But that is not the only application.

Due to its high protein content of 60% - in which all 11 essential amino acids are present – this new plant protein FabaTex®60 can be used in a wide variation of applications. By the launch of Fabatex®60, Multiflour / MPF respond to the growing demand for sustainable, clean-label produced plant proteins.

FabaTex®60 is one of the most sustainable protein texturates because:

  • no additives are used;
  • no nitrogen fertilization takes place;
  • production is based on dry extrusion (no water losses);
  • fababeans are grown in the EU;
  • the production process is clean label;
  • the production location is centrally located in North West Europe.