Multiflour supplies unique food ingredients for innovative food concepts

Ancient grains

Oude graansoorten

Specific grains such as spelt and oats in flour, grits or flakes.

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Pseudo grains


Varied selection of quinoa, millet and other pseudo grains.

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peulvruchten small

Various pulses in different applications (flours, crunchy applications, etc.)

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Plant proteins

plantaardige eiwitten

Various plant proteins in different forms (flours, pre-cooked)

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plant proteins

Innovations & news

  • Vegetable pops and crumbs

    A crunchy vegetable which can for example be applied to breakfast cereals or snacks. The crumbs can be used as a replacement for bread crumbs.

  • Crunchy pulses

    This crunchy pulses can for example be applied for breakfast cereals, bars or snacks.

  • Tritordeum

    Tritordeum is a crossbreed of durum wheat and a wild barley. Tritordeum contains 50% less peptides from gluten responsible for intolerance and sensibility (not suitable for celiac). End products have a distinctive golden color.