Multiflour supplies unique food ingredients for innovative food concepts

Ancient grains

Oude graansoorten

Specific grains such as spelt and oats in flour, grits or flakes.

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Pseudo grains


Varied selection of quinoa, millet and other pseudo grains.

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peulvruchten small

Various pulses in different applications (flours, crunchy applications, etc.)

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Plant proteins

plantaardige eiwitten

Various plant proteins in different forms (flours, pre-cooked)

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plant proteins

Innovations & news

  • Crunchy pulses

    This crunchy pulses can for example be applied for breakfast cereals, bars or snacks.

  • Tritordeum

    Tritordeum is a crossbreed of durum wheat and a wild barley. Tritordeum contains 50% less peptides from gluten responsible for intolerance and sensibility (not suitable for celiac). End products have a distinctive golden color.

  • Multiflour, your partner

    Multiflour has thorough knowledge in the field of innovative food ingredients which can be of great value for innovative healty food projects. We are happy to use these knowledge for the purpose of our customers. 

    Innovative food concepts are everyday's business. The consumer has a clear opinion, whether or not based on facts, about healthy food. Certain natural food supplies are becoming scarce. The demand for durable products and vegetable proteins is increasing.

    The food industry wants to bring to the market new or improved products more often, quicker and more efficiently. Substantiated knowledge in the field of production processes, nutrients, sustainability, agronomics and food chains is indispensable. Not every manufacturer has sufficient knowledge of this. That is why Multiflour supports these companies, by collaborating on new food concepts and products. Although we specialize in grains and pulses, our knowledge is also of great value when it comes to the innovation of healthy products regarding other foods.

    Multiflour not only supports manufacturers in developing new products, but is also continuously searching for new ingredients. An example of this is "heritage grains" (grains that have not been altered or hybridized to the common grain varieties). 

    Supplier of raw materials for new products

    The added value of Multiflour is not just the substantial knowledge and experience in the field of healthy food, grains, plant protein and pulses. Multiflour also supplies the necessary ingredients for new products. For that we are in direct contact with renowned suppliers (in the EU) who have the complete production chain under strict quality control (IFS, FSCC22000, Haccp, Organic/bio).