Multiflour supplies unique food ingredients for innovative food concepts

Ancient grains

Oude graansoorten

Specific grains such as spelt and oats in flour, grits or flakes.

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Pseudo grains


Varied selection of quinoa, millet and other pseudo grains.

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peulvruchten small

Various pulses in different applications (flours, crunchy applications, etc.)

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Plant proteins

plantaardige eiwitten

Various plant proteins in different forms (flours, pre-cooked)

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plant proteins

Innovations & news

  • Combination of sales force Multiflour and MPF Germany / Benelux

    As from 1 January 2020 Multiflour and MPF are partners when it comes to pure food ingredients and customer-oriented solutions. The activity portfolios complement each other exceptionally well which provide opportunities for both companies’ partners and customers in the field of representation in North West Europe. This collaboration will broaden en deepen relationships with these partners and customers and provides a strong basis to build (for a start) the launch of FabaTex®60.

  • Multiflour and MPF Germany / Benelux launch FabaTex®60

    With FabaTex®60, a textured fababean protein with a content of 60% protein, Multiflour and MPF focus on innovations in the sustainable plant ingredient market.

    FabaTex®60 is ideally suitable as a protein source for meat substitutes and is an adequate alternative for soy. But that is not the only application. Due to its high protein content of 60% - in which all 11 essential amino acids are present – this new plant protein FabaTex®60 can be used in a wide variation of applications. By the launch of Fabatex®60, Multiflour / MPF respond to the growing demand for sustainable, clean-label produced plant proteins.

    FabaTex®60 is one of the most sustainable protein texturates because:

    • no additives are used;
    • no nitrogen fertilization takes place;
    • production is based on dry extrusion (no water losses);
    • fababeans are grown in the EU;
    • the production process is clean label;
    • the production location is centrally located in North West Europe.
  • Crunchy pulses

    This crunchy pulses can for example be applied for breakfast cereals, bars or snacks.