Multiflour has extensive knowledge of ancient grains and pulses. René van der Veen – the anchorman of Multiflour – has an impressive record in the field of all types of grains and it’s applications. For example spelt. René specializes in this popular and very healthy type of grain and surveys – together with the German supplier Mühle-Kottmann – the entire production chain of spelt

Extensive knowledge of spelt

Multiflour and Mühle-Kottmann are experts when it comes to spelt, especially from an agricultural and orthomolecular perspective. Because of this significant knowledge and experience Multiflour can act as an expert negotiating partner for the food industry.

Multiflour provides clients with important and solid background information about the cultivation, the production process, the nutritional value and the facts and fables regarding spelt.

Spelt production techniques

Multiflour represents the German company Mühle-Kottmann, which specializes in de chain of spelt. The grinding of spelt to flour and wholegrains is the company’s core business. Other ancient grains such as Emmer and Einkorn are also ground by the company. Barley and Rye make the portfolio of Mühle-Kottmann complete. The complete production chain, from farmland to end product, is monitored closely and continuously. Multiflour applies very strict quality standards, so that the best quality spelt is guaranteed. Because of its excellent characteristics, we supply mainly Franckenkorn spelt.

Spelt in various types

Multiflour supplies spelt in many different variations:

  • Spelt flour and wholegrains: Have good baking qualities, but with a higher nutritional value than wheat.
  • Spelt flakes: Very suitable for use in breakfast cereals and protein bars and for decoration.
  • Spelt whole grain: Very suitable for use in breakfast cereals and protein bars and for decoration.
  • Spelt gluten: As extra support for baking qualities or as replacement for various proteins.
  • Spelt malt flour: As supplement it gives a nutty flavour to bread products.
  • Spelt heated flour: As supplement it adds extra water binding capacities and more freshness to the bread product.
  • Spelt bran: As supplement in bread products or breakfast cereals, protein bars etc.