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Ancient grains

Specific grains such as spelt and oats in flour, grits or flakes.

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Pseudo cereals

Varied selection of quinoa, sorghum and other pseudo cereals.

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Lentils and other pulses as a replacement for animal proteins.

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Innovation and product development



Various types of grains and pulses such as meal, flakes, pre-cooked, wholegrains or brans, can be used extremely well in healthy new products. In order to be truly innovative in this, thorough knowledge about grains, healthy nutrition and agronomy is essential.

Do you lack specific knowledge in this field? By working together with Multiflour you can take your product development to a higher level.

The knowledge of Multiflour goes much further than just grains and pulses. Also in the field of other foods, such as fruit and vegetables, we can help you with innovative food concepts.


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The expert talking

René van der Veen

I have studied Agronomics & Economics at Wageningen University, and also completed a post-grad course in Orthomolecular Dietetics & Therapy. This educational background, in combination with many years of work experience in the agri-business and the food industry, has enabled me to specialize in applying grains and pulses in healthy foods.

Spelt has my special attention because it is an ancient grain that makes us aware of the basic principles of food and health. My agricultural roots can be found in the cultivation of grains such as spelt.

With my specialist knowledge, I can help the R&D department developing new products based on healthy grains and pulses.

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